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Clearing Vows and Contracts from the Akashic Records

Clearing Vows and Contracts from the Akashic Records

All of our soul experiences – from every lifetime and in every dimension – reside in the Akashic records. Akasha is a Sanskrit word that means “essence”, and the Akashic records hold the essence of our souls because the records contain every experience we have ever had. We are the cumulative expression of the contents of these records.

Sometimes, the Akashic records contain information in the form of vows that were initially useful to our soul growth but are no longer pertinent. We have gotten the gist of the lesson, and we do not need to continue to live with the vows in place. I call this a regurgitation of soul experiences because the agreement is more detrimental than helpful, yet we continue to create the same occurrences over and over again as we subconsciously tap the Akashic records for information on our commitments.

For example, we may have led a hedonistic lifestyle in order to experience carefree frivolity in a particular past lifetime. We might choose to enter a subsequent life as a nun in a convent to experience chastity and ensure we pay attention to aspects far removed from hedonism, perhaps demureness and modesty. That vow of chastity was very helpful in our lifetime devoted to being innocent, but it may not be too useful our modern male or female lifestyle in the 21st century.

The Akashic records also contain vows we have made to collectives or cults. We live on a planet of polarity so it is part of our soul growth to experience duality. We may live a life as a perpetrator in one lifetime, perhaps a Ku Klux Klan member, and a life as a victim in another lifetime, perhaps a person of color in the deep south in the 1950’s. The richness of each extreme on the duality spectrum enables us to experience each aspect of light and dark. After living the extremes, we are able to find the middle ground, the place of neutrality where judgment and lack of balance is no longer a factor. We have played both perpetrator and victim. We have experienced both sides of the coin, and we can now identify the mid-point which is our responsible use of power. Yet, during lifetimes of playing a perpetrator, we may have made agreements with dark entities who fuel our negativity. It is best to break those ties if we wish to be free of any potential dark influence. Entities who operate in darkness sometimes call upon us if we hold past unbroken vows in the Akashic records. They cannot do so if the agreements no longer exist.

We may also have made planetary commitments that seemed like a good idea at the time. We might have decided to enslave an emerging race of beings for our benefit. We certainly are capable of this act, as past lifetimes as slave owners in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, or even America would indicate. However, at this stage of our spiritual development, the enslavement of a planetary population might not be in our highest good. The guilt or shame that accompanies past actions still resides in the soul memory system, accompanied by vows or agreements that still remain in the Akashic records.

Sometimes, we are fearful, and we make vows in order to gain protection. For example, we may fear for our sustenance as a tidal wave or earthquake devastates our village, and we may proclaim with great emotional fervor to be loyal to anyone who will save our family. However, there is a law of attraction under which we operate, and like attracts like. When we make vows based on fear, those vows are sometimes accepted by entities who profess goodness but do not deliver it. We may have unwittingly made a vow with a negative entity that initially pretends to help us, but life becomes harder and harder. These entities may even follow us from incarnation to incarnation, unintentionally hired by us until we “discover” them and break the vows in the Akashic records.

I believe it is a good idea to periodically clear past vows in the Akashic records. You can use the following prayer request to sweep the records clean of any agreements that are no longer in your highest good. Prior to reading the request, you will need to instruct your subconscious to create a “surcharge” of vital force (i.e., mana, prana, chi). Then breathe deeply six times using the following pattern: inhale slowly to the count of four, hold to the count of four, exhale slowly to the count of eight. This is an ancient Polynesian or Kahuna breathing pattern that generates a great deal of vital force. Please note that vital force is not the breath itself. It is the combustion of energy that occurs when oxygen enters the body and interacts with the stored fats, proteins, and carbohydrates in your cells. Command your subconscious to send the vital force to your spiritual committee and High Self to be used to enact the following request in clearing your Akashic records. Then, read the request aloud.

•        Disavow any promises, contracts, vows, oaths, spells, pacts, bindings, or agreements that I have ever made that are conflicting with my highest good, including vows that are adversely affecting me presently or will not serve my highest good in the future and in all concepts of time on all dimensions, in this life or any other life. Please assist me in disavowing these vows and agreements so they are no longer a restricting device on me. I ask that all restrictions be lifted and eliminated so that I can expand and align with my higher path and purpose.
•        Sever and make null and void at root cause any promises, contracts, vows, oaths, spells, pacts, bindings, or agreements between me and all entities causing interference. These include all that may be secret, hidden, invisible, covert, unseen, unheard, unknown, unacknowledged, and undisclosed. Remove all operating systems and instructions, including backup systems and copies. Retain all learning experiences free of trauma. Conduct a full binding on all negative entities.
•        Sever all vows and contracts that I have made, either knowingly or unknowingly, that have interfered with Universal love, light, and truth for any planetary system. Include contracts that are perceived to be irrevocable. Release me from all judgments, pain, and guilt associated with creating or participating in these agreements, transmuting the discord to love before releasing it.

Contracts, vows and agreements are recurring patterns that attract lower vibrations of frequencies in our energy fields. They are restrictive, feeds our fear and are not helping us in our ascension process.

Signs and symptoms of blockages:

1. When you feel stuck with your career choices

2. Feeling constricted in a relationship

3. Having legal litigations or court hearings with another person

4. Unable to move forward with choices

5. Conflicts with others

6. Unable to manifest money

7. Unable to keep a relationship

8. Fear

9. Health conditions or illnesses

10. Accident prone

In this lifetime we will find that we have existing contracts between souls seen or unseen that are not serving our highest good and it’s time to release, heal and clear them in our Akashic Records.

Questions that can help someone assist in knowing what, who, where and how you had agreed to these contracts in these lifetimes, other timelines, dimensions and alternate realities.

1. Are there any contracts in other past lives with this person?

2. What types of contracts is there?

3. What is going on in my lifetime right now that is not working?

4. What are the patterns in this contract?

5. What did I agree to?

6. How am I using this contract in this timeline?

7. What am I getting from this contract?

8. What is my lesson?

9. Did I take a vow of celibacy, poverty and silence?

10. Am I ready to let go and release this contract from my AKashic Records?

Now that you have identified these contacts that you want to release from your Akashic Records, it’s time to open and work with these Masters of love and light.

As we open our Crown Chakra energy center right at the top of our heads, we connect and receive this universal and cosmic golden light from the Akashic fields. Connecting to the core column of light that sits in front of our spine, feel the expansion of our heart space and allow to open our hearts of the Akashic Records.

We call forth the Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels, Saints, Benevolent beings of Light, our Higher Selves, spiritual teams and guides and loved ones from other dimensions to protect us with white light and create a safe and sacred space for our healing and highest good.

We ask the Lords of the Akashic Records to open our Records, grant us healing, compassion, love, informations, knowledge, messages and wisdom for our highest truth.

We thank all the Benevolent Masters of Love and Light that have come to assist us in our healing, the Records are now open, the Records are now open, the Records are now open. And so it is.


Visualize a door opening, open these doors that leads to your Akashic Records. See the library hallway and walk while looking around your surroundings. Feel the vibrations of the books surrounded with golden light. As you walk into this hallway, you will find a stand in front of you. Pick a book from the shelf and placed it on top of the stand. Open this book of your life and see the golden light coming out of this book. This is your Akashic Records. Now you are ready to see a vision or symbol from your Records that will help you remember your contracts.

You can start asking the questions about your contracts and will follow up with healing, releasing and clearing these contracts from your Akashic Records with the Masters of Light and Love.


We ask Archangel Michael and the blue ray to come and cut any cords of attachments, energetic imprints, entities, souls, hooks or drains that are attached to these contracts pertaining to _________________ name of person.

We ask Archangel Gabriel and the White ray to release, clear and delete these files from my Akashic Records and create new contracts of empowerment, courage and truth.

Known and unknown, seen or unseen, all timelines, dimensions and realities, all alternate and parallel universes and galaxies, all sources and void. By the power of grace I now declare these contracts, vows and agreements to be released, cleared and healed. I ask the Lords of the Akashic Records to delete these files and clear all cellular level of memories and consciousness. To release and heal gently with flow of ease, love and grace. And so it is.

Forgiveness prayer:

I forgive myself consciously and unconsciously for hurting others in these contracts that I have made in all timelines, dimensions and realities. Close your eyes and feel this in our heart space. Visualize these people that you had hurt. Release and breathe.

I forgive others consciously and unconsciously for hurting me in these contracts, vows and agreements that I had made in all timelines, dimensions and realities. Close your eyes and feel this in your heart space. Visualize those people that had hurt you. Release and breathe.

I ask Archangel Raphael and the green ray to come and heal our body, mind, heart, spirit and soul in all cellular levels of memories and consciousness.

Closing prayer:

We thank our Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels, Saints, Benevolent beings of Love and Light, our Higher Selves, spiritual teams and guides and loved ones from other dimensions. We thank the Lords of the Akashic Records for allowing us access of our Records and for this healing, blessings, gifts of wisdom, informations, messages and clearing of our contracts, vows and agreements. We ask this healing to be sealed with the sacred geometrical form of Merkabah to flow with ease, love and grace. Thank you, thank you and thank you. The Records are now closed, the Records are now closed and the Records are now closed. And so it is.

Over the ensuing months, pay attention to times when you feel freedom from any limitations or restrictions. Focus on the freedom because it is communicating the dissolution of the restricting elements of past vows. Encourage the freedom as a precursor to new ways of being rather than resorting to past habits based on limitations imposed by vows. Enjoy your new way of being!