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Crystals & The Zodiac

We met for a reason, either you're a blessing or a lesson.

Crystals and the Zodiac

Aquarius hematite, amethyst, amber
Pisces amethyst, opal, bloodstone, coral, aquamarine, fire opal
Aries fire agate, aquamarine, bloodstone, citrine, diamond, emerald, jade
Taurus carnelian, diamond, blue tourmaline, chrysocolla, rose quartz
Gemini rutilated quartz, aquamarine, blue sapphire, emerald, jade, pearl
Cancer moonstone, ruby, carnelian, opal, fire opal
Leo citrine, amber, garnet, jasper, carnelian, diamond
Virgo smoky quartz, watermelon tourmaline, amethyst, moss agate, geodes
Libra rose quartz, tourmaline, bloodstone, citrine, jade, moonstone, opal
Scorpio turquoise, moldavite, malachite, moonstone, opal, peridot, ruby
Sagitarius lapis, obsidian, topaz, azurite, chalcedony, smoky quartz, turquoise
Capricorn tigereye, jade, black tourmaline, green tourmaline, garnet, smoky quartz

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