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Releasing Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are agreements we enter into for the purposes of learning and spiritual growth. Most of these contracts are unconscious, so we often don’t know we’ve made them.

A soul contract might reveal itself when you start noticing the same relationship patterns over and over in your life. Or when you experience a very intense relationship with someone. Or when you start noticing a specific, repetitive behavior or thought pattern that always seems to come up.

Compulsions, addictions, unhealthy attachments, and issues that you just can’t seem to heal also point to the possibility of a soul contract (more specifically, a past life contract).

Signs and symptoms of blockages:

1. When you feel stuck with your career choices

2. Feeling constricted in a relationship

3. Having legal litigations or court hearings with another person

4. Unable to move forward with choices

5. Conflicts with others

6. Unable to manifest money

7. Unable to keep a relationship

8. Fear

9. Health conditions or illnesses

10. Accident prone

Past Life Contracts or Vows

These are unconscious contracts we make in past lifetimes, often as the result of trauma or negative experiences. Past life contracts are often made in a moment of reactivity, so they’re not made intentionally. This means they can cause problems for us in current and future lifetimes.


An example of a negative past life contract is a contract of servitude. Many of us have made this contract in past lifetimes, often as the result of a failed relationship or as a way to make ourselves feel useful and loved. If you find that you tend to give, give, give without getting much in return, a contract of servitude might be at play in your life. If you’re always the go-to person for everyone and you always put your needs last, you might be acting out of a contract of servitude. This type of contract is also negative and needs to be revoked. You can be of service without being in servitude to other people.

Here’s a list of other past life contracts or vows you might have made at some point (these are the most common). Scan the list and notice if any of these feel “familiar” or if they trigger a gut reaction in you:

  • vow of poverty/scarcity
  • vow of obedience
  • vow of putting yourself last
  • vow of self-punishment through unfulfilling jobs
  • vow of self-punishment through illness
  • vow of isolation (resulting in inability to have long-term or fulfilling relationships)
  • vow of disconnection from God/Source (you might feel lost or aimless or unable to fully connect to Spirit)
  • vow of loyalty to a specific religion (you might feel guilty or conflicted by exploring spirituality outside of this religion)
  • vow of renunciation of sexuality (shutting down your sexual nature to keep yourself “safe”)

Overall, past life contracts are negative and counterintuitive. You make them in a moment of intense emotion (fear, distress, trauma, anger, disappointment, etc) without really meaning them. For this reason, past life contracts and vows tend to cause problems in your current lifetime. They fuel unhealthy behaviors, patterns, and compulsions and keep you stuck.

The good news is that, since this is a free will universe, all of these contracts can be revoked. You don’t have to continue living them out or suffering through them!

Soul Contracts and the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records can give us clear information about your past life experiences and the root of your current issues. An Akashic Records reading can also help identify any past life and in-between life contracts you’re currently playing out. If you are interested in an Akashic Record Reading or clearing with Lynn here.

Through an Akashic Records reading, we can identify any soul contracts that are limiting you or causing suffering in your life. We can extract the lessons and wisdom from those contracts (they’re always there for a reason, even if they’re negative) and then revoke them through a specific protocol.

Since revoking a contract creates an empty space or a vacuum, we must then create an intentional, much more empowering contract to put into that empty space. The process of revoking an old unhelpful contract and establishing a new intentional one might look like this (just a few examples):

  • from a vow of poverty to a contract of abundance/generosity
  • from a vow of isolation to a contract of healthy, empowering, fulfilling relationships
  • from a vow of putting yourself last to a contract of healthy self-care and clear boundaries
  • from a vow of renouncing your spiritual gifts to a contract of fully reclaiming and embodying your spiritual gifts and connection
  • from a vow of self-punishment through bad jobs to a contract of fulfilling, exciting, rewarding work that gives you financial freedom

The most important message here is that you’re not stuck with any of these negative contracts. You don’t have to put up with them or suffer through them… or wait until your next lifetime to be happy and at peace. You have the right and free will to revoke any unhelpful contracts that are getting in your way, and to move forward more intentionally.


Questions that can help someone assist in knowing what, who, where and how you had agreed to these contracts in these lifetimes, other timelines, dimensions and alternate realities.

1. Are there any contracts in other past lives with this person?

2. What types of contracts is there?

3. What is going on in my lifetime right now that is not working?

4. What are the patterns in this contract?

5. What did I agree to?

6. How am I using this contract in this timeline?

7. What am I getting from this contract?

8. What is my lesson?

9. Did I take a vow of celibacy, poverty and silence?

10. Am I ready to let go and release this contract from my Akashic Records?

Now that you have identified these contacts that you want to release from your Akashic Records, it’s time to open and work with these Masters of love and light.

As we open our Crown Chakra energy center right at the top of our heads, we connect and receive this universal and cosmic golden light from the Akashic fields. Connecting to the core column of light that sits in front of our spine, feel the expansion of our heart space and allow to open our hearts of the Akashic Records.

We call forth the Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels, Saints, Benevolent beings of Light, our Higher Selves, spiritual teams and guides and loved ones from other dimensions to protect us with white light and create a safe and sacred space for our healing and highest good.

We ask the Lords of the Akashic Records to open our Records, grant us healing, compassion, love, informations, knowledge, messages and wisdom for our highest truth.

We thank all the Benevolent Masters of Love and Light that have come to assist us in our healing, the Records are now open, the Records are now open, the Records are now open. And so it is.


Visualize a door opening, open these doors that leads to your Akashic Records. See the library hallway and walk while looking around your surroundings. Feel the vibrations of the books surrounded with golden light. As you walk into this hallway, you will find a stand in front of you. Pick a book from the shelf and placed it on top of the stand. Open this book of your life and see the golden light coming out of this book. This is your Akashic Records. Now you are ready to see a vision or symbol from your Records that will help you remember your contracts.

You can start asking the questions about your contracts and will follow up with healing, releasing and clearing these contracts from your Akashic Records with the Masters of Light and Love.


We ask Archangel Michael and the blue ray to come and cut any cords of attachments, energetic imprints, entities, souls, hooks or drains that are attached to these contracts pertaining to _________________ name of person.

We ask Archangel Gabriel and the White ray to release, clear and delete these files from my Akashic Records and create new contracts of empowerment, courage and truth.

Known and unknown, seen or unseen, all timelines, dimensions and realities, all alternate and parallel universes and galaxies, all sources and void. By the power of grace I now declare these contracts, vows and agreements to be released, cleared and healed. I ask the Lords of the Akashic Records to delete these files and clear all cellular level of memories and consciousness. To release and heal gently with flow of ease, love and grace. And so it is.

Forgiveness prayer:

I forgive myself consciously and unconsciously for hurting others in these contracts that I have made in all timelines, dimensions and realities. Close your eyes and feel this in our heart space. Visualize these people that you had hurt. Release and breathe.

I forgive others consciously and unconsciously for hurting me in these contracts, vows and agreements that I had made in all timelines, dimensions and realities. Close your eyes and feel this in your heart space. Visualize those people that had hurt you. Release and breathe.

I ask Archangel Raphael and the green ray to come and heal our body, mind, heart, spirit and soul in all cellular levels of memories and consciousness.

Closing prayer:

We thank our Ascended Masters, Archangels and angels, Saints, Benevolent beings of Love and Light, our Higher Selves, spiritual teams and guides and loved ones from other dimensions. We thank the Lords of the Akashic Records for allowing us access of our Records and for this healing, blessings, gifts of wisdom, informations, messages and clearing of our contracts, vows and agreements. We ask this healing to be sealed with the sacred geometrical form of Merkabah to flow with ease, love and grace. Thank you, thank you and thank you. The Records are now closed, the Records are now closed and the Records are now closed. And so it is.