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Wellness Newsletter - February 2020

February is the month for love. What better way to feel good but to share that love with someone special. Here are a hundred ways to say..."You are loved."

      1. You are the only one for me.
      2. I can’t believe how lucky I’m to have you in my life.
      3. Marry me!
      4. You will never find anyone who loves you as much as I do.
      5. You are the light of my life.
      6. My life is sunnier with you by my side.
      7. You give me strength.
      8. You are special.
      9. I’m happiest when I’m with you.
      10. I can’t get enough of you.
      11. Let me be the pillar in your times of need.
      12. You are beautiful.
      13. There will never be another in my life but you.
      14. Put your hand in mine.
      15. We will be together till the end of time.
      16. Forever I’ll be yours.
      17. You make my life worthwhile.
      18. Time flies when I’m with you.
      19. I miss you.
      20. You will always be in my heart.
      21. I care about you.
      22. My heart aches for you.
      23. You bring joy into my life.
      24. Let me be the one for you.
      25. Kiss me goodnight.
      26. I want to wake up with you by my side.
      27. Hug me.
      28. I think of you everyday.
      29. Let’s grow old together.
      30. You are always on my mind.
      31. No one compares to you.
      32. You are like a shining star on my darkest nights.
      33. It’s warmer when I have you with me.
      34. You complete me.
      35. I want to spend every minute with you.
      36. You have melted my heart.
      37. My sweetest memories are of those times that I spent with you.
      38. I can’t live without you.
      39. Be mine!
      40. You are my Valentine.
      41. I love you more than you know.
      42. There is no one that I want more.
      43. I will wait for you.
      44. You are like a dream come true for me.
      45. I yearn for you.
      46. You make me smile.
      47. I will never let go.
      48. You are my everything.
      49. Life is perfect with you.
      50. You matter a great deal to me.
      51. All I need is your love.
      52. I long for your kisses.
      53. My love will never die.
      54. We are destined to be together.
      55. You touched my heart.
      56. My love will stay true.
      57. I can’t get you out of my mind.
      58. We belong to each other.
      59. Our love is meant to be.
      60. I’ll be lost without you.
      61. My love will last an eternity.
      62. I promise I’ll never leave you.
      63. My heart belongs to you.
      64. You are more than a friend to me.
      65. You give my life direction.
      66. You are everything that I need.
      67. Only you can fill the void in my heart.
      68. There is nothing to fear when I have you with me.
      69. I want to hold you close.
      70. Time will prove how much I love you.
      71. I’ll be happy if you are.
      72. I love you so much that it hurts.
      73. You help me see the rainbow.
      74. Nothing will change my love for you.
      75. I believe in us.
      76. My love will never fade.
      77. Share your life with me.
      78. I can’t wait to see you again.
      79. You are my soul mate.
      80. I’ll be there for you.
      81. You bring out the best in me.
      82. I’ll pledge my heart to you.
      83. You are the best thing that ever happened to me.
      84. I don’t want to lose your love.
      85. You can count on me.
      86. My life is sweeter because you are in it.
      87. You are always in my dreams.
      88. I love you just the way you are.
      89. Hold me tight and never let go.
      90. I’ll be your shelter when it rains.
      91. You are all that I have ever wanted.
      92. I’m crazy for you.
      93. There’s a special place for you in my heart.
      94. I long for your touch.
      95. You’ll always be my sweetheart.
      96. I have never felt like this before.
      97. You mean the world to me.
      98. I love you more than words can ever say.
      99. Nothing else matters when I’m with you.
      100. I will always love you.


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