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Body, Mind, and Soul: Karen Ficarelli

Do you struggle with how you look and feel? Do you have a hard time maintaining a healthy diet or...

Do you struggle with how you look and feel? Do you have a hard time maintaining a healthy diet or fitness routine? Are you unhappy or stressed out about life? Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut and lacking motivation? Does it seem like an uphill battle to lose weight and keep it off? You are not alone. I have been there along with many of my dearest friends and family members. Life can throw us plenty of curveballs on top of our daily lives, jobs, family responsibilities, and stress. At times it seems like there’s no way to turn things around. It can feel overwhelming and it hurts to struggle day in and day out trying the next diet or exercise fad hoping it will be the magical cure. Don't give up. You can end the struggle and begin a new chapter on your journey to a more fulfilled life. And it's easier to get there than you might imagine. As a mom raising three boys and caring for my family, I knew I had to find a way to maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle. Over the years, I developed a daily routine around my core values to help me be mindful, choose healthier habits, and build my core strength from the inside out. In this book, my 365 days of inspiration will help you: Practice a daily habit and begin each day feeling more uplifted. Crush negative self-talk. Tune your mindset toward gratitude, abundance and acceptance • Set intentions to focus on the areas of your life that require nurturing and self-care. Take small, simple steps each day to transform your life and well-being. Find the courage to let go of habits that are no longer serving you well and replace them with new positive behaviors By starting each day with a positive routine, you will be empowered to make personal affirmations and reflect on your life. You will be inspired and take action. With my daily inspirations and by focusing your energy for a few minutes, you can change your attitude and your life. Karen is an inspiring fitness expert, devoted friend, wife and mom of three sons. She is passionate to help others to overcome limiting beliefs and find successful ways to improve their well-being and strengthen their cores emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

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