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Body Mind Soul Solution: Healing Emotional Pain Through Exercise: Bob Livingstone

"This is a ground-breaking book with a most unique and satisfying approach. I highly recommend th...

"This is a ground-breaking book with a most unique and satisfying approach. I highly recommend this program to everybody who needs a fresh way to handle life's traumas and challenges."-Ann Louise Gittleman, author of New York Times bestsellers The Fat Flush Plan and Before the Change

"I believe strongly in the concepts in this book. A unique methodology."-Jonathan Berent, author of Beyond Shyness: How to Conquer Social Anxieties

The relationship came to an end years ago, but not the grief that accompanied it. Sorrow over the loss of a loved one seems only to grow. Teenage angst painfully survives decades. Anger bred by unresolved issues wounds those you care for most.

The Body-Mind-Soul Solution will change all that, and do it simply, with results that are often quick and dramatic. To the goal of improved physical health through exercise, it adds that of improved mental health, which is accomplished by integrating into daily workouts the psychotherapeutic technique of self-questioning.

Designed by a psychotherapist and clinical social worker and practiced with success by many of his clients, The Body-Mind-Soul Solution ultimately weds the body and mind in a sense of higher self. For not only does it break down painful obstructions to well-being, it provides passage to what makes being serenely whole.

Bob Livingstone is a licensed clinical social worker who has worked as a psychotherapist for nineteen years. At his private practice in San Francisco, where he lives, he treats adults, teenagers, and children who have experienced traumas.

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