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Energy Psychology Using Light and Color: Opening bodymind pathways to relieve traumatic stress and enhance psychological well-being with Esogetic Colorpuncture: Manohar Croke - The Metaphysical Mall
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Energy Psychology Using Light and Color: Manohar Croke

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Modern biophysics has proven that man is essentially a being of light. Light has a unique capacity to convey healing information to the body, mind and spirit all at the same time. Author and transpersonal psychologist, Manohar Croke, introduces psychotherapists to a system of colored light therapy known as Esogetic Colorpuncture™. Developed by the renowned German naturopath, Peter Mandel, this holistic healing system addresses the roots of illness and pain by clearing imprints of psychological trauma stored in the subconscious and cellular memory. Drawing upon decades of experience in practicing and teaching this work, the author now offers up colorpuncture as a powerful tool for energy psychology, able to facilitate psychological healing and personal evolution.  This illustrated book includes practical instructions for using Esogetic Colorpuncture to support psychotherapeutic interventions in areas such as co-dependency, trauma resolution, addiction, burnout, and depression, as well as to offer comfort for the dying. Learn specific light protocols to regulate the brain and nervous system, relieve emotional reactivity, strengthen personal boundaries, surface subconscious memories of psychological conflict, expand consciousness and more. May this book inspire you to incorporate the healing power of color and light into your clinical practice!