Hamsa Turquoise Sun Catcher and Pendulum

Metaphysical Mall

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This turquoise and crystal sun catcher with the hamsa symbol measures 7 3/4" long. Turquoise is considered one of the most spiritually powerful stones on the planet. The Hamsa (Hand of God) Let now sadness come to this heart, Let no trouble come to these arms, Let no conflict come to these eyes. Let my soul be filled with the blessing of Joy and Peace. Protection against Evil. Create good energy by hanging this sun catcher in your window to "capture light energy." A sun catcher is the optical equivalent of a wind chime. You can also use this sun catcher as a pendulum. When using as a pendulum you will be able to communicate with your spirit guides. To learn how to use your pendulum follow this link: www.psychiclynnmarie.com/how-to-use-a-pendulum.html


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