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The Reiki Healer's Treatment Ledger: Renee Sommer - The Metaphysical Mall
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The Reiki Healer's Treatment Ledger: Renee Sommer

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As Reiki Practitioners, our practice and healing deepens with every Reiki treatment we give – whether to ourselves or others. This Reiki treatment ledger can be utilized to record your experiences, track patterns, and note your intentions, symbols used, and type of treatment given.

This allows you as a Reiki Practitioner, to look back over your experiences, strengthen your trust in your intuition, and notice small patterns and big shifts.

Treatment Ledger Features

Space to record over 100 treatment sessions including:

  • Chakra Observations
  • Treatment Type
  • Symptoms
  • Symbols Used
  • Intentions Set
  • Pre and Post Session Feedback
  • Notes

Beautiful Matte Rainbow Cover

Mandala Details on Each Page

This Reiki Healer's Treatment Ledger was created by a Reiki Master to help make the process of healing others more organized, more scientific, and to help the Reiki practitioner feel more connected to their practice.