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Tuning Fork for Healing Balancing Subtle Energy

TUNING FORK - Works with your energy field via sympathetic resonance to help you resonate with ...
  • TUNING FORK - Works with your energy field via sympathetic resonance to help you resonate with your true authentic self ~ Assists you in using your intuition and helps quiet the voices of the world ~ The four precisely tuned copper layers, contain hundreds of sacred geometry harmonic copper elements that bring you into harmony with self ~ Each intricate layer works in harmony with the other three layers and your magnetic field to balance and transform your energy
  • QUICKLY GAIN CONTROL OVER EMOTIONS Overcome Fear ~ Slip into meditation, reduce thought and create the space of “Being in the Moment” ~ Access deeper wisdom and higher potential ~ Create Inner Peace & Knowingness ~ Enhances Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Aura, Energy Body, Light body, Mental Body, Emotional Body Work and Emotional Freedom Technique ~ Cultivate your alignment with the Solfeggio frequencies
  • MUST HAVE TOOL TO BALANCE, CLEAR AND STABILIZE CHAKRAS, MERIDIANS AND SUBTLE ENERGY FIELDS Clear Chakra Meridian Blocks ~ Clear & Energize Healing Crystals ~ Support weight loss programs ~ Helps reduce binge eating, calms the urgency of instant satisfaction, quiets the nervousness & mental chatter that compels your choices ~ Embrace the natural presence of fullness ~ Create positive thinking & self-talk ~ Balance your mental body to smooth your jagged thoughts and feel more at peace
  • WHO USES IT Convenient on the go tool for Highly Sensitive Persons ~ Empaths ~ Chiropractors ~ Massage Therapists ~ Reiki ~ Spiritual Practitioners ~ Energy Body Workers ~ EFT tapping ~ Tarot Card Readers ~ Experience yourself as pure awareness ~ Recognize your thoughts as an ever-changing phenomenon ~ Great enhancement & addition to your books, cards, stones, crystals, candles, charts & supplies
  • HOW TO USE: Each person's Powerforms subtle energy experience is unique. Some people feel the energy when holding the disks and others find a shift in their state of being. Use it to balance nervous energy, stabilize excitable un-grounded thoughts, smooth and unify chaotic emotional energy and transform thought

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